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Conversation Café to Take Place at La Pastaria in Summit

One conversation can make all the difference! Have you ever considered having a conversation about end of life with your family and/or friends but haven’t been able to have it? Did you ever consider that this conversation could actually be fun and interesting? Do you realize that this is important, and even necessary, but don’t know how to get started? Please consider joining Imagine, A Center for Coping with Loss, Sage Eldercare, and Healing Heart to Heart for a Conversation Café.

The news coverage about people deciding to take control of their end of life has been widely publicized. NJ has recently been added to a growing list of states that allows medical aid in dying. People have strong opinions about how and where they want to die, but have often not informed key people of these wishes. According to a national survey done by The Conversation Project (2018), 92% of people think it’s important to have conversations with loved ones about their wishes for end of life care, but only 32% of people actually do.

So, how do you HAVE the conversation? Imagine, Sage Eldercare and Healing Heart to Heart are partnering to host an event in Summit to allow people to start this powerful discussion in a safe and entertaining way. Diners will be playing a fun, interactive game with the people at your table (you can either come as a group or sit with strangers) that will help you start thinking about your own wishes and help you communicate them to the people in your life. There will also be professionals from each organization to answer any questions and provide documents that can be completed at home.

These conversations often don't happen at all-- and when they do, they are often after an illness has been diagnosed. The time to have these conversations is NOW, when you don't have to make stressful decisions quickly! Mandi Zucker, the Program Director at Imagine, reports that “talking about illness and death and dying can reduce fear and stress, open communication and prepare families for end of life decision making. It can actually improve the quality of life.”

The Conversation Café will take place September 26th from 6:30-8:30PM at La Pastaria in Summit. To register, click HERE.