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“We shall not soon again see the likes of Gerald Glasser.”

It is with great sadness that Imagine said good-bye to Dr. Gerald Glasser, our friend and benefactor. Here is a link to Dr. Glasser's obituary and to an article in the Alterntive Press and the Westfield Patch. As Rabbi Kroloff said, we shall not soon again see the likes of Gerry. His kindness, generosity, intelligence and humble nature are unmatched. We will miss you Gerry and will never forget you.

Touched by an Agency, The Powell Family

Deana Powell and her 10 year-old daughter have been attending Imagine since it opened in May 2012. As a result of the support they receive at Imagine, Deana decided to nominate Imagine for a Touched by an Agency grant offered through Merck Pharmaceutical’s Partnershp for Giving Program. Imagine received a $1000 grant thanks to Deonna and her mom. “Considering the severity of our loss, especially for Deonna, and as a mother watching her daughter grieve – if it weren’t for our Imagine family, I do not know how we both could continue to cope, grow and heal,” said Mrs. Powell. Until we found the Imagine program, we were a mother and daughter, weighted down by grief, hurt and sorrow. Now, we are growing into a new family… filled with such hope, love and joy.”

Loss Statistics

1 out of 20 American children under age 15 have lost one or both parents to death. Annually in New Jersey over 20,000 children age 0-18 will have a parent die. Annually in Union County approximately 700 children will lose a parent to death.  That’s every year. On average one out of three youth in every classroom is experiencing a loss of some kind.  This includes loss due to death, divorce, parental incarceration, separation or abandonment.