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Perspectives on Grieving

Public vs. Private Grief by David Kessler, colleague of Elizabeth Kubler-Ross

"We are outwardly saddened by the death of Robin Williams. We've seen this before with icons like JFK and JFK Jr., Princess Diana, Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett and Whitney Houston.

Suicide is Closer Than You Think, by David Kessler

"The world has lost comic genius Robin Williams. We are stunned and deeply saddened.

How Parents Can Support Grieving Teens, by Laura McMullen, US News and World Report

You've attended parent-teacher conferences. You've taken them to checkups. You've talked to them about sex and bullies and drugs. But how can you, moms and dads, possibly prepare your kids for dealing with death? How can you explain the unexplainable and console the unconsolable? You can't protect your teenagers from the sickening grief of losing a friend. Or a cousin. Or a grandparent. But you can be there for them, ready to talk and (maybe more importantly) ready to listen. Here are five ways parents can support their grieving teenagers:

Lauren and Sam's Story

Good morning.  My name is Lauren.  I am 36 years old.  I was living a happy, beautiful life in Manhattan with my husband Steve and our 3 year old son Jacob when my life was turned upside down.  On February 9, 2013 my older sister and only sibling, Pamela, lost her very strong battle with Melanoma cancer and passed away.  She had JUST turned 39 years old.  She left behind the 2 loves of her life, Benjamin - who was 16 months old at the time and Samuel, who was 6 years old at the time.  Ben is now 2 and Sam is now 7.

Knocking on the Door of Your Child's Heart

I began skipping school in eighth grade with Marjorie Timmerman. (Sorry, Marjorie.) I don’t know what was up with her but I know what was bugging me. My dad had just been diagnosed with cancer. He had surgery and wore a brace with metal rods extending from pads on his chest and back up to his head to support his neck. He walked with a funny gait and was swollen from chemotherapy. He stopped working and my mom was cramming for her real estate license. Everything had changed.

What Children Have to Teach Us About Grief and Loss

“I feel my dad’s presence next to me at the kitchen table.” Elizabeth, age 10

May you be at peace...

Every weekly staff meeting at Imagine starts with an opening ritual just like our support groups. We light a candle and a meditation is read. At today’s staff meeting the day before the start of Facilitator Training, Mandi shared the following meditation found on Grief Speaks website. This is our wish for all the volunteers starting their 4-day training tomorrow, for the staff who is facilitating the training, and for all Imagine volunteers, participants, donors and staff.

Why won’t my grieving friend go to the movies?

From Megan Devin's beautiful post on her Refuge in Grief website.

Goodbye Starbuck.... Saying Goodbye to a beloved pet

“How can I prepare my children?” a friend asked when he found out they had to euthanize their beloved dog Starbuck who was dying.

Tears Are Good, They Let The Sadness Out

Jackie Kennedy and Corretta Scott King were our nation’s role models for mourning in the 1960’s and in the decades since. They were praised for their strength and stoicism, their courage and grace, and rightly so. They were great role models for our nation, but I would say they were not the role models we needed when it came to grieving our individual losses.